The Acti·Tip® System

The Auro·Dex® System


The Acti·Tip® System


The Allergy Diagnostic test line is the first and best known of its patented Acti·Tip® product lines. The allergy products include:

Immunity, Autoimmunity

ImmuDex test series, for the semi-quantitative and/or quantitative determination of immunoglobulins, autoimmune antibodies, ANA/ENA, RF and other serum proteins.

Infectious Diseases

ViroDex test series, for the detection and semi-quantitative measurement of antibodies to infectious agents important in congenital infections, e.g., Chlamydia trachomatis (IgG and IgA), duodenal ulcers Helicobacter pylori (IgG and IgA), etc.

Western Blots

Westen Blot Kits for a variety of infectious diseases.  Inquire.


The Auro•Dex® System

In addition to the Acti·Tip system, Dexall also boasts expertise with flow-through immuno-gold technique (patent pending), as well as lateral-flow immuno-gold formats.


Visual•ENS Cassette

Allergy - Visual•Ens®

Rapid visual screening test for the detection of allergen specific IgE antibodies in human serum.

Standard or customized profiles of 5-10 allergens










Acute Phase Reactants -  CRP

One key element of medical care lies in the availability and timeliness of diagnostic information to optimize patient therapy and management. Dexall has developed a "point-of-care" rapid test system, e.g. Auro·Dex® CRP ProMed 2000 that utilizes minute quantities of serum or whole blood for analysis, allowing physicians to diagnose and treat patients in a single care event.
Dexall's CRP test is semiquantitative; produces results in two minutes with either serum or whole blood samples; and is quantitative when read with the hand-held reader.



Infectious Disease -  H. pylori

For the detection and qualitative measurement of antibodies to H. pylori. Two formats are available, including the Auro•Dex® H. Pylori MultiTest, the first ever one-step test for detection of all three antibody classes in a single device. This product offers simultaneous determination of IgG, IgA, and IgM antibodies in a simple, one-step, 5 minute assay.


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