System 7074 Plus

Robotic Automated Enzyme Immuno Assay System. System 7074 Plus is a computer controlled, robotic, automated, Acti·Tip enzyme immuno assay system. Under the control of MaestroDex software, System 7074 Plus can process an unlimited number of enzyme immuno assay test protocols, based on Dexall's patented Acti·Tip technology (allergy, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, etc.). System 7074 Plus is a flexible system, composed of individual units linked together by a computer. Most components can also be used as stand-alone units capable of performing a variety of laboratory functions. The capacity of System 7074 Plus is 288 Acti·Tip samples at a time (3 x 96 well plates).

RoboDex-312 - Robotic Sample Processor/Washer

A robotic solid phase Acti·Tip sample processor and washer.

PipetDex - Pipettor

A single probe robotic pipettor.

LumiDex - Light Box

An electronic light box that aids in setting up the Acti·Tips.

LabDex APR - Strip Reader

A 3 postition, 12 well strip reader.

LabDex APR - Microplate Reader

A one-plate, 96 well microplate reader.

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