At the Forefront of Immunodiagnostic Technology

    Dexall Biomedical Labs, Inc. was founded in 1978, with the goal of developing and manufacturing novel immunodiagnostic products for physicians, clinical laboratories and hospitals.
A decade later, Dexall has established itself as a high-tech biomedical company at the forefront of immunodiagnostic technology. Dexall's unique in-vitro allergy diagnostic products have gained worldwide acceptance.
Building on it's knowledge and technology, the Company is expanding its diagnostic product line into the areas of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and malignancies.
Most of Dexall's products are based on its patented ActiTip technology. Dexall's ActiTip enzyme immunoassays are fast, accurate and reliable, and can be performed easier and with less hands-on time than competitive products.
From research and development to finished products, Dexall's motto is:

"Innovative Methodology on Proven Technology"

- Dr. Thomas T. Hubscher
(Founder & President)

    Dexall is an FDA registered manufacturer of diagnostic devices and operates under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines.
Located in Gaithersburg, MD, a suburb of Washington, D.C., Dexall is on Maryland's high-tech biotechnology corridor, minutes from the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and major universities.
The Company's products are marketed through distributors in the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America, Asia and the Middle East, placing Dexall into the global marketplace.
Distributors find Dexall's product line to be easy to support and competitively priced, while end users are drawn to Dexall's advanced technology, which translates to product accuracy, flexibility, speed and ease of use.

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